‘Staff Retention’ with Stan Moore, Wednesday, December 13th

Improving Staff Retention requires that employees want to work for your farm or business.  Becoming an “employer of choice” will require owners and managers to improve upon their employee management skills for current workers, and to improve upon their hiring practices to bring the best people on board.  During this session, you will learn key areas of employee management that you can improve upon, that will also improve the opportunity for your employees to become more engaged and productive, and ultimately want to work for your business.

Stan is a Senior Educator at Michigan State University and offers a variety of educational programs in northwest lower Michigan and the eastern UP. His special interest areas are: Labor Management, Nutrition, Forage Production, and Canola Production and use on dairy farms, Stan can be reached at: moorest@anr.msu.edu
Office: 231-533-8818
Fax: 231-533-8392
203 E. Cayuga, P.O. Box 427
Bellaire, MI 49615
Michigan State University Extension


Wednesday, December 13
11:30 a.m.—2:30 p.m.
At The Maas Center
Hope College
264 Columbia Ave
Holland, Mi

Reservations for lunch necessary by Friday December 8

Call or text 616-402-4885. Email wmnla2013@gmail.com

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