March Garden Day, Saturday, March 11, 2017

Over 230 excited gardeners, speakers, vendors, members and volunteers participated in March Garden Day: A Celebration of Spring. March Garden Day was held Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the Grand Haven Community Center. March Garden Day is a daylong seminar featuring key note speakers, WMNLA member speakers, vendor booths, display garden and a silent auction. Profits from March Garden Day support the WMNLA Scholarship Fund and Education Fund. Monies are also available to members for CPIG and Master Gardener scholarships.
March Garden Day went ‘green’ this year for the first time following guidelines set by members Lee and Kay VerSchure. All lunch waste, wrappers, silverware and drinkware was biodegradable and composted by Spurt Industries. All paper and cardboard was recycled, water bottles were eliminated and replaced with water stations with biodegradable cups

We would like to thank the March Garden Day Committee who dedicated many hours of planning to produce this annual event for the community: Lee VerSchure, Kay VerSchure, Reini Moser, Paul Kiefer, Audrey Eaton, Allison Jesky, Jude Hofmann and Pam Cater.
We would also like to acknowledge the help of the many volunteers who were enlisted to help with the silent auction, act as moderators, food waste monitors, and registration hosts among many other duties. We would also like to acknowledge the board of directors (Chris Howe, Ryan Weesie, Nate Weaver, Brian Boyink, Allison Jesky and Russ Hillman) for their help moderating break out sessions and providing support with the silent auction.
Thanks also to Gardens Alive, Evergreen Acres, Hortech, Jonkers Gardens, Paul Kiefer and Walter’s Gardens for providing plant material, growing space, and expertise to make the beautiful indoor landscape and auction.

Paul Kiefer & Greg Dunn, Specialty Gardens

Members who showcased in the Expo included Grand Haven Garden House, Bartlett Tree Experts, Landscape Design Services, Specialty Gardens, Jonkers Garden, Weesies Brothers Farms, Chips, The Bookman and Blue Horizon Nursery.
Speakers included: Susan Martin, Rebecca Finneran of MSU Extension, Eric Nelson of Weesies Brothers Garden Center & Landscape, Keith Hogan of Bartlett Tree Experts, Bev Harkema of Jonkers Garden, Paul Kiefer of Specialty Gardens, Greg Dunn of Blackbird Farms CSA, Allison Jesky of Hope College and Kathi Skorupski.

Rebecca Finneran, MSU Extension, Keynote Speaker
Susan Martin, Keynote Speaker

For more pictures go to the March Garden Day Facebook page .

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